Zurb Foundation


I am new to Atom, and I am trying to use the Zurb Foundation package, but I am unable to do so. No error appeared during installation, and this might be a training issue, but I am not able able to find the answer. Can someone tell me how to use it. I am editing existing html file with its own css etc. and I want to add some of the foundation elements to the page.
Sometimes in the snipeets I can pick up the element name, but it does not display correctly.

All I need is a step by step use of the Zurb foundation. The installation is fine, I just want to understand how to get the foundation elements into my web pages.



Can you give a specific example of what snippet you tried but doesn’t work? And when you say “does not display correctly”, can you describe that in more detail (a screenshot/GIF of what happens could be helpful)?


See the page I am using as an example. This is the site I am building from an existing html5 template. I want to add some of the elements from the Zurb Foundation package in here. For example on the page, just below the banner, the bullets you see are supposed to be a Megallan Menu, but it does not seem to get the definitions. That is why need a “How to” on this package, as I do not think I did everything required.
The site is http://devel.uc-x.net/services.html and that portion below the banner is supposed to look like the image below.


You haven’t provided us with anything informative to see. We need to see your code and what method you are using to access Foundation. You need to give us the information to do exactly what you have done.