Zettelkasten with atom

Hi to all

Someone use Atom for Zettelkasten method?

I’m new to this way of organize knoledge and I need some “trip and tricks” to use Atom for it.
I’ve many Gb of notes on markdown with atom


I have just now briefly read about Zettelkasten method
My first thought is that Atom is not really geared towards knowledge management.

I would consider Atom as just one node in a toolchain.

The above reference quotes …

Scaling your note archive
To cope with the constant influx of new information, use temporary “buffer” notes to collect stuff that you can later re-arrange.

So Atom is a buffer perhaps writing in markdown, passing through markdown-preview-enhanced with some help from Pandoc and front matter (yaml), and then passing your nugget of knowledge to a backend database.

Atom does have drivers to connect to databases (local or cloud). You might look at eXist-db.

You can create a chain using my favourite “run script” package process-palette to call a python client which accesses eXist-db. But that is just one scenario.

Look at other complementary tools such as Zotero and
Albert for Linux
Listary for Windows
Alfred for Mac

and link up to the discussion on macros

In short do not make the mistake of just relying on one tool such as Atom. I use a dozen or so tools orchestrated together for different knowledge management tasks.

Atom in my view is more of a code manager.

Postscript. Look also at CherryTree for organising snippets.

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Many many thanks

I know cherrytree and Zim and NoteKeeper but all have some problem for my work.

I tryed Obsidian but it’s not open source and not portable on windows (it’s a big limit for me)
I know that exists an editor, Zettler, but it’s too way resource heavy, and it’s not portable on windows

So I figured out to use atom (I’ll already use it for writing) but well, your comment give me some idea

I used Atom for accessing all of my note files.
In my case, the reference to another note was the full filename.
Atom lets you click on a filename in the text and ask to open that file.
I had a command line script that created a new note file using the current date/time and opened it in Atom. I also use Launchy for finding a file from the desktop although I have Wex as well. Both work.

So, with a utility to create new notes, a utility to find notes and a simple method for hyperlinking between them, that was all that I needed.

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