ZenTabs package available!


Hey guys,

After my pull request to core atom/tabs (see my post), I developed a standalone plugin providing the ZenTabs feature (automatically closes oldest tabs above a tab number limit).

Here you go: Zentabs

apm install zentabs

EDIT: the following is outdated:
I cannot publish it because of this error:

$ > apm publish minor
Registering zentabs ✗
Registering package failed: Requires authentication

I developed it and want to push it under my personal GitHub account which has not been invited to Atom yet (my pro account ArnaudWopata is). I think this is reason why I get this error. I tried to apm login again, without success.

Is there anyway to bypass that? Or to get my personal GH account invited?

Limit maximum number of opened tabs (ZenTabs)

I confirmed that once invited, I have been able to publish without any problem.

Here it is ! Zentabs


version 0.3.1 is out, bringing the manual mode (ie: trigger tab cleanup with keyboard shortcut, default being ctrl-Z). The manual mode is disabled by default.