Your most used keyboard shortcuts?


I recently made the switch to Atom, and being pretty new to programming, I’m using my mouse a lot more than I should. What are some shortcuts that you’d recommend a beginner to master?


A very useful one: Ctrl+M when you are on a brace, bracket or parenthesis, or HTML tag, go to the matching one (closing or opening, depending on where you are). Ctrl+Alt+M to select in-between.
Useful for me: shortcuts to duplicate a line and delete a line.
Search editor:duplicate-lines and editor:delete-line in the command palette (Ctrl+Shift+P).
I use the duplicate-line-or-selection package to duplicate not only the current line, but also selection, if any. Useful to duplicate stuff within a line.
Ctrl+R to search a function name.
Ctrl+P to search a file name.
Of course, Ctrl+F to search (or replace) a string, but it is quite universal across editors. Esc closes this panel.