You changed my theme when I wasn't looking!


I had tried several themes, but kept coming back to Atom Dark. There’s just something about it that I really love.

Last night, I fired up Atom only to see that all of the colors were wrong! After silently upgrading, Atom decided to change my theme from Atom Dark to One Dark.

Now, don’t get me wrong, One Dark is a nice looking theme, but it isn’t my theme. It makes me uncomfortable that Atom decided to silently change my config when I wasn’t looking.

I have switched back to Atom Dark.

I hope nothing like this happens again.

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While I do love Atom One as a theme, I agree changing user preferences without asking is a bad idea.


Well, it’s just been made the Default. Those who explicitly used a non-default theme were not changed to One Dark, as far as I know.

Those who had always stayed on the default theme, I suppose some kind of message or so might have been prudent.


There was a message in the release notes, but perhaps it could have been called out better.

I’ve mentioned it to the team and we’ll try and think of a better way of notifying for defaults changes in the future.


:frowning: Sorry about that. We’ll be more communicative in the future.

it’s just been made the Default. Those who explicitly used a non-default theme were not changed to One Dark

This is true.


I had not always used the default theme. I had tried several different themes and decided I liked the default best.

Then Atom decided to change my chosen theme, without any warning or explanation.

Unless Atom Dark is being deprecated, perhaps a better route would have been to make One Dark the default for new installs, and not change anybody’s current preferences?


it depends on the source code, your preference saved as ‘use the default theme’ was probably not changed – I understand your feelings, I was surprised as well but you need to know that your proposal calls for some code, that needs to be written, and I would prefer the work on that code to be spent on more serious issues.


While I’m confident that the Atom team is becoming more and more careful about this as we near 1.0, in the current state of the project I think it makes a lot of sense to push a new default to everyone. If you can’t shrug that off, perhaps it’s better to stick something that isn’t decidedly alpha.