Yotta and Atom


Is there a way to use Yotta Build together with Atom?
According to the yotta tutorial on building, yotta currently supports

generators that use an underlying Makefile or Ninja-based build system.

How would I use it together with Atom? Is it enough to install the build-ninja package or do I need to do something else as well?

Thanks in advance


Please be more specific. Would you like to use Yotta from within Atom? Or are you just trying to use it on projects that you happen to also be working on in Atom? If the former, I recommend process-palette for all command-line instructions that you want to automate and attach to keybindings or flex-tool-bar buttons.


I indeed meant the former.


To be even more precise: I’d like to know how to use it exactly. Would I just use process-palette, type in the commands as if I’d be using the regular command-line and then execute them or do I have to do something else first so it would work? Because the way I understand it, yotta has to be used instead of building regularly since it basically just tells CMake what to build from where.


If you use process-palette, then all you have to do is set up the command string to be executed, then run the Atom command that is generated (which you can do through a keybinding, the Command Palette, process-palette's dock item, or a flex-tool-bar button).