Yosemite UI


Hello. Is there any possibility to get full Yosemite-style UI? I mean not just theme, but app title bar, sidebar and other. Like this:


At the moment, there’s only UI themes to style the application. Some of them quite good, I understand. But they won’t affect the underlying engine (electron), things like the window’s menu and frame etc. Sorry.


The Atom team has stated, though I can’t find the reference right now, that they aren’t intending to mess with the UI chrome at this time, i.e. the parts that you mention are missing. They don’t rule it out for the future … but just not now.


It would be a great visual improvement.


Great to hear that. Hope to see that improvements asap.


I think it’s extremely unlikely that the One or Atom UI themes will ever change to look like OS X, however, there is a community theme that is intended to match Yosemite: https://atom.io/themes/unity-ui


I don’t think I was being clear enough. The Atom team has said they will not be making this change.