YET Another conversion from Sublime Text 3 .sublime-syntax YAML 1.2


I’m trying to migrate my current Sublime text 3 %YAML 1.2 syntax to Atom.

I’ve tried atomizr but it seems like it supoort only old versions of Sublime syntax, but new is not supported:
“This doesn’t seem to be a valid Sublime Text file. Aborting.”

File has header:
%YAML 1.2

Is there any tool which supports this new format?


Atomizr doesn’t convert syntax files, just snippets. What it does is putting .tmLanguage in the correct directory-structure required by apm. So it’s apm doing the actual conversion.

PackageDev for Sublime Text is capable of converting different (Sublime Text) syntax files, including YAML and XML. However, since the new YAML format has some features that the old XML format doesn’t, a successful conversion isn’t always guaranteed.


Ok, I see.
Thanks. Looks like after I update all my syntax files to latest YAML - I’ve lost the chance to covert it to normal Atom format and should start from scratch.

Is there any useful giude with examples for creating custom grammar + highlight and autocomlpetions?

I’m asking becase most of real languages are reffering to their compilators or exec libs, but I have a service lang. without those engines =)


The current best guide in terms of syntax is a cheat sheet I made. The TextMate tutorial lays forth the theory, which is all or mostly all preserved in Atom, but I found it difficult to write a grammar based on the examples in that tutorial given the syntactic differences, so I made the cheat sheet/boilerplate to bridge the gap


Guys, thanks for helping.
Problem was solved in manual manner - just convert syblime-syntax to CSON to keep regexes in proper way. All other was made by hands.

Another great decision was to use Atomizr convertion of completions snippet - but after some changes in inut file =)