XMLHttpRequest return null mimetype

I’m using vue.js + vue-material on my app.
Unable to use custom svg for my icon (md-icon component) I discovered the component does an XMLHttpRequest to get the data, then check if it’s really and svg file before processing; The response does have valid data but the ‘content-type’ of the header is missing (null). When commenting the test directly on the node_modules file my icons display correctly but let’s try a correct solution !

Is there a mime type missing I can add ?

I tried this but doesn’t work :
session.defaultSession.webRequest.onBeforeSendHeaders({ urls: ['*.svg'] }, (details, callback) => { details.requestHeaders['content-type'] = 'image/svg+xml' callback({cancel: false, requestHeaders: details.requestHeaders}) })


electron 7.1.7
vue 2.6.11
vue-material 1.0.0 beta-11

ok, It appears my starting script was bad … and was pointing on a (old) different project, therefore running electron 4.x binary (!).
After correction, under 7.1.7 that bug is no longer present, a call to XMLHttpRequest return a response with a correct mimetype.

Case closed (can’t edit myself the title to mark this thread as solved)