XML XPath package / Sublime porting


I was looking for a package to perform XPath queries on XML files, and I could not find any. XML Tools (https://atom.io/packages/xml-tools) claims some support, but It does not seem to work. Moreover the project is on a dead end.
I’m using a wonderful package for XML validation and code automcomplete (linter-autocomplete-jing), but it does not offer any support for querying.
A very good package for Sublime seems to be sublime-xpath (https://github.com/rosshadden/sublime-xpath).
Is there any plan to migrate this package or does it exists any similar solution for Atom?

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you in advance!


where are many package for xpath querying on npm, i just wrote a dummy one to perform xpath query on selected text here, you can use it for reference.

demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WWb2QVJ71KY92AoY-rEOayoKW6MHR8mQ/view


Hello, thank you for your reply, but I could not get it work. When a run any query nothin is found (and the document is erased).
It is just a proof of concept, isn’t it?