First, I want to prefice by saying I am a 100% completely new ATOM user…so…

I have an XML file, I’d like to convert it to CSV. Is this possible with ATOM, and if so, can someone point me to directions or provide tips on how this might be possible?

Thank you!



If there isn’t an existing package, you would want to find a command line tool that does it for you (or write one yourself, but that’s seems like overkill). It’s then possible to set up a command in Atom to run the tool on the file you want and send the result wherever.

To run it in Atom, you’d need to use the child_process node module, and to set up the stuff on the Atom side you’ll need to refer to the Atom API docs. I can help with this if needed.


You don’t need to do it in Atom and you only want to do it on a command line if you’re going to be doing it on the order of hundreds of thousands of times and want to automate it. If you have a one-off conversion, the best thing is to type into Google “XML to CSV converter” and go to the first page that pops up. If you’re going to be doing it consistently, it’s worthwhile to check out other results to find a web app that fits your needs the best.