Xiki support for atom


It would be pretty sweet to have xiki support added to atom:

There are existing ones for vim, emacs, and some work started on getting it running within Sublime.


Can you elaborate on what sort of support/integration you’re envisioning? I don’t know much about Xixi other than what I’ve seen on the Kickstarter campaign, so I don’t really see what type of support would be useful.


So things like mouse clicking a line with

ls ~/Projects

Would expand to


  • Dir/
  • Dira/

Or you could create wiki pages within your text files to be linked back and forth


I’m the main Xiki dev. Checking out http://youtu.be/v79TmaDieaA is probably the quickest way to get a good idea. The window on the right is a text editor running a Xiki plugin.

So, an Atom plugin would make people be able to run commands from Atom (and all the other things you see in the video).