WYSIWYG Abilities


I’m looking for a BlueGriffin / Kompozer feel for Atom.IO, as far as live editing. The main features I need is a rendered preview of html and the ability to copy/paste text as rich ( If you’ve used a wysiwyg like bluegriffin, you’ll understand what i mean ). Neither bluegriffin or komozer is great with snippets, however, and ATOM’s ability to extend functionality, not to mention it being modern, is why i’d prefer to use it. If there’s a way to make this work as a wysiwyg, please let me know what packages i might use to make this happen.


If you can find a good WYSIWYG editor in JavaScript or CoffeeScript in a self-contained library, it should be a piece of cake to drop that into a pane linked to a specific TextBuffer, then mirror changes between the TextBuffer and the editor box.


That’s a neat suggestion, I haven’t actually cracked open Atom’s api for extending capability but I might just do that.


Atom does not have a mandatory view manager component for setting up panes and panels, so you can use what you’re used to. Etch is the preferred option. In Atom’s workspace, there are one or more panes which mostly hold TextBuffers, but can have other sorts of item like the welcome page and most live preview packages. Pane items are represented in the UI as tabs. Then there are panels, which are the blocks that exist around or on top of the panes (the tree view, the find and replace dialog, and the Command Palette are left, bottom, and modal panels respectively). I think the best approach for you would be to add a pane item.


Hi there,
if you need some tester, I am ready to go. I am totally unable to do this myself, but I would enjoy very much this feature.


Hello guys.
First of all, Atom is one of the best web editors on the market at the moment!
Well done to all the developers!!!
I am highly interested in this feature too.
It would make Atom COMPLETE! THE ABSOLUTE WEB EDITOR OF ALL TIMES !!! :heart_eyes:
Is there a package started for this or any plan for a project?
I’d very much like to contribute with whatever I can/know.