"writer" (light) theme


I’ve been working on this theme for the past few months, so I’m more or less ready to share it (and get some feedback). I was not really happy with existing themes, so I made on to suit my needs (50% writing academic papers in markdown, the rest of the time writing code to have something to show in said papers).

You can get it here: https://atom.io/themes/writer-syntax

It’s a light theme, with…

Very good gfm support, non-intrusive tables, good headings, CriticMarkup, … This screenshot also shows search results.

Good looking comments, and easy visual grepping of TODO, FIXME, …

Support for improved indent guides

JSON coloration that helps make a difference between elements

A few additional niceties

  • the number of lines that are modified in a git repo changes
  • the diff files are easy to read
  • probably some others, too