Wrap side more visible?


Sorry to sound like a noob i knew there is better term for this.

How can i make the sides more visible when doing Wrap Text? Now it’s just placing a “dot” but is there a way to make it blank or other method to show more clearly?


There is no difference in the code between the wrap marker and the line number, so you can’t target them individually via CSS.

Do you think it would be more clear if the gutter text was brighter? Try out something like this in styles.less:

.gutter .line-number {
  color: #aaa !important;


perfect worked :slight_smile: used #fff just to get white.

One last bit, is there a way to remove the “dot” so instead of it just leave it blank, same like Sublime and VSC does


Sorry read it twice you already mentioned that there is no diff between wrap and line so my understanding no chance to remove the dot :frowning:


Not without making more extensive changes, no.