Would love to see a word count feature


I know it’s not really useful for programming, but for documentation and some of the free writing exercises that I do when brainstorming features or writing an article it would be great. I use a Markdown editor for that, so it would be one less editor.

All that said, I just got in, just downloaded it, just started it, so maybe my first exercise will be extending it to show a word count in plain text and markdown files. The extensibility is one of the key features, no?


Haven’t tested them yet, but doing a simple search on the Atom package site gives plenty of results:


Very nice, thanks for the pointer to the package site. I will give a couple of them a try.


I had the same need. So I wrote one: https://atom.io/packages/wordcount

It is pretty similar to the one from iA Writer. It activates itself only for text files and supports count for text selection. Just give it a try and leave feedback in the github issues if you like :slight_smile:


Which Markdown editor do you use?


A full-fledged feature like in this word count tool would be nice.