Would like some feedback (color-blind) on my Dark Side of the Moon syntax theme for Atom


Let me know what you think!
This theme is optimized for everyone.
Your feedback is really appreciated.

0.7.0 - aesthetic enhancement for color blind people.

Help needed. Give me your feedback/suggestions.



Hi @thierryc

Thank you so much for writing that theme. Looks really good! :tada: I really like the contrast between the colors you chose :thumbsup:

Really minor suggestion, the other colors seem to mix up pretty well with each other, but the first color of the palette (purple) looks a little bit out of the place. Again this suggestion is opinionated based on my personal taste, you may or may not take it into consideration. Your call entirely!


I teach a markup language class at the high school level and I recently instructed my students to switch over to your syntax theme, specifically because it colors angle brackets in HTML, making the code easier for neophyte coders to distinguish markup language from the plain text that’s being marked up. Other syntaxes frustratingly leave angle brackets the same color as the plain text.


The only change I would request is support for color interpretation in CSS. With other themes (such as Monokai-Seti), when I code an HSL value it shows up with the translated color as a background color for that bit of code. It makes it easier to scan through code looking specifically for colors to adjust.


Wheel. I keep it in mind to try a new color for the purple in the next release.


:thumbs: very good suggestion. I keep it in mind.

Try this useful plug-in: https://github.com/abe33/atom-pigments

and this one to https://atom.io/packages/color-picker


I am using both atom-pigments and color-picker. Atom-pigments (at least on my computer) stops working when I have Dark Side of the Moon set as my Syntax Theme. As soon as I switch to a different theme, atom-pigments starts working again. I should have stated that in my earlier post; my apologies for any confusion!


I open a ticket to investigate for your issue. It works on my atom. (What is your atom settings ?)
Please try to remove the theme and install it again. This operation can fix your issue. (maybe)