Would anyone like to adopt Atomatigit?


Hi! I’m looking for someone to take over leading development of a package.

When Atom was first released, I tried to migrate from emacs. One of the things I missed was really great git integration, with fast ways to branch, commit, push, fetch, rebase, etc.

In order to close the gap, I wrote Atomatigit. It was heavily influenced by emacs’ magit package.

Atomatigit has had almost 15,000 downloads, and perhaps a half-dozen contributors, but it’s currently languishing. I no longer use Atom, and it’s hard to justify time spent on something I don’t use. I still believe that Atomatigit is a worthy tool, though, and I don’t want it to be lost to code-rot.

I’ve been a poor parent, and abandoned Atomatigit, and now I’m looking for someone to adopt it, so it doesn’t die forever.

If you’re interested, let me know!


I would be willing to adopt it but I wouldn’t be able to code for it as I don’t know JSON at all unfortunately. But I definitely could manage it…if needed. But this isn’t a “yes” though…in case someone more qualified would be willing to take it on.


Maybe the atom community organisation or something similar could be home to popular project that are now without owner.

I know @mark_hahn had the tought of discontinuing some project he didn’t have time to work on. Looks like the plan have changed, but it still ask a good question.


The community isn’t active enough that it will survive with just management. Atomatigit needs a code-owner, I’m afraid.

Atomatigit is a plugin; but many, many more people prefer to use Git-Plus instead. Ex-magit users have very specific expectations about git integration, and my package serves them :smile:


I understand. 2nd year into an associate’s degree for Web & Software development so thought managing the product may be good for me lol. :wink:

But the code itself is over my wee-head so I’d have to duck out at this point. :disappointed_relieved:


Hi diiq,

Your package is awesome. We used it everday. But, unfortunately your packages design is bad. Please improve it :smile:

By the way, i’m using Ona Dark theme.


Generally, some information on how it could be improved or at least how you feel it is designed improperly is better than simply saying, “Fix it”. Also, you realize that @diiq is saying that they don’t have time to maintain it and they’re looking for a new owner?


i sent pull request for this @leedohm ) https://github.com/diiq/atomatigit/pull/114


@oytunyuksel I’m so glad you have found the package useful! I am also glad you are submitting PR’s! Unfortunately, I’m in need of someone to review PRs.

Stylesheet changes like the ones you propose require testing across a wide range of themes, to make sure everything is readable not just in the theme you use, but in all the popular ones. I don’t even have the latest version of Atom installed, so I’d have to spend several hours to review even your tiny PR with any diligence.

There are now three open PRs on Atomatigit. It’s been a long time since I wrote it, and by now, around half the code base is now not my code anyway. I’m no longer familiar enough to be able to pass any judgement on a patch just by looking. Heck, I don’t have APM installed, either - so even if I merged your pr, I wouldn’t remember how to deploy it :frowning:

I’d rather not just blindly merge any PR that comes Atomatigit’s way, so If you want to see Atomatigit continue to improve, help me find someone who is willing to take ownership and stay familiar with Atomatigit and Atom as they both continue to grow and change.