Would anybody like to take over my packages?


I’m not using Atom at the moment and I don’t have time to upgrade the packages to the current version.

Would anybody like to take over? See https://atom.io/users/laktak


I would like to take the date package off your shoulders.

Is taking over a package as easy as apm unpublish and apm publish?


You may be interested in my answer on this subject in another topic:


@dannyfritz OK, I’ll transfer the github repo to you!


Cool. I’ll see about the deprecated issue in the repo to test out apm publish privileges.

That still leaves these 3 packages to find a new home:


I wouldn’t worry about coffeescript-be-gone, that was mostly a joke, although useful at times.

Anybody know what I should do if nobody wants them? Flag obsolete, unpublish … ?


I would just add a comment to the top of the README that it is no longer supported and then publish it again. Some may still find it useful and/or see it and want to take it over.


Thanks @abe and @laktak, that went over pretty well: https://atom.io/packages/date


good idea!