WorkspaceView events


I need a light with the update of the api i have this marked like deprecated

atom.WorkspaceView.on ‘core:save’

now how this work and where i can found the doc for this things.


You can find the latest API documentation here:

As for the specific replacement of your code, are you looking to intercept something being saved before or after it is written to disk?


im trying to do something after save.

i want to know what is the replacement to WorkspaceView, im very new creating atom package but actually i think is a little hard to understand how create package for atom almost to me.

i know that in the package menu inside of atom we have a option that give us a starter template of a package but i doesn’t find a good explanation of the code that is give it to us.

can be good have a good examples of how make a simple package and another using libraries of node.js or if this is already exists :stuck_out_tongue: sorry can u pass me the links :stuck_out_tongue: thanks in advance.


You want the TextEditor.onDidSave event then:

There is no exact replacement for WorkspaceView, most things you needed to use atom.workspaceView for … you will now use atom.workspace for. But other parts have gone to other places. So it depends …


Thanks for the help leedohm was very useful :ok_hand: