Workspace Scan not using regex


I am using the following regex as part of my workspace.scan. However the iterator is returning pretty much every file in the project. I’m trying to trigger a file to open just based on clicking the name. I am passing the regex in as a string because it threw an error when I tried otherwise.




When you pass a string to the function, then it isn’t a regular expression. You also shouldn’t need the g modifier, it should already search globally. I also suspect you can simplify the regular expression to /\bMyFile\.js\b/


I found out that the scan is actually searching the contents of the files rather than the file names. I looked through the options and I do not see an option to just look at the file names. Any thoughts?


You can use atom.project.getPaths to get the root paths and then use standard Node.js APIs to search those paths for files.


Thanks! I combined that with node-glob and got what I was looking for.


If you want to be consistent with Atom own globbing you should probably go with minimatch instead. It’s used in packages such as fuzzy-finder and probably many others, and if you need to expose a setting for that users won’t feel confused by the possible differences in the implementations.