Workspace.observeTextEditors does not apply


Hello everyone. I’m trying to write small package which will modify a textEditor every time file gets opened. So as I understood separate TextEditor created for each tab in editor and I need to observe creation of new text editors and apply my function with it. recommends me to use “observeTextEditors” event but it does not applies at all. Here is my package code:

activate: (state) ->
    atom.workspace.observeTextEditors (event) =>
      console.log 'called'

When I open any file console log is empty. What I’m doing wrong?


I would guess your package is not getting activated. If there are no activation events in your package.json then it should be activated upon restart. If there are events (commands/keybindings) then it won’t be activated until the key is pressed.

You can use my package-cop to inspect activation state of packages. Let me know if you need help.