Working with SSH


Is there any way to work with files on a server via ssh?

I’ve trying with macfuse and sshfs but atom can’t save. It ask for a password (authopen) who accept the mac user password, then waits till it raises an Editor not responding alert

Any advice to work in this scenario?

I’ve notice that bracket works as expected (I don’t know if this will be useful or not)



I too would love this. Since I work with my company’s SSH, this would be perfect to use. Any info on making this work would be great.


i would love to see a “ultraedit like” sftp/scp integration (open, save as, browse) - native integration instead of using a crappy sshfs - macfuse/expandrive and others are a pain in the ass.


I’m only pointing what I’m using by now…


I’ve been working on an open source project called GitSync.

Basically it monitors file system events on a project folder and uses git over SSH to sync that project folder on a server.

It needs a lot of work still but I used it everyday to work with files on a server via ssh for a couple of years. So it’s good enough to be useful.

Thanks reminds me I need to update the install steps, but you can install it and (most of) its dependencies by using pip.

pip install GitSync


I still support a more simple ssh solution giving the fact that a lot of people that wants that is because is the simplest solution to update content in some perhaps-too-much-simple-services

BTW, thanks for the info!!


Really it is very important feature currently we are working all in remote server that we access by ssh and there all developer can have the same configs, Db and all backup, and also you can work on the fly.


Maybe use something like this


@Garito stated that MacFUSE and sshfs doesn’t work for them:

Personally, I’d like to see if there could be an alternative to sshfs.


uh… don’t know how I missed that… thanks! I’ve also been exploring the use o SSH from Atom, but I actually want something more inline with this


Yes, this is what I’ve tested without success (if you read the thread…)


‘Tramp’ in emacs is an example of this capability.

EMACS TRAMP like functionality

I to work on a remote dev server. GitSync would not work as all of my git command flow would still be on the remote server.

I would like to see something that would either work natively with SSH/SFTP or open a socket (over ssh of course) back to the atom editor in a client/server type model.

The first option would just replace the operations for file io to those that use SSH/SFTP equivalent. There may be some issues here like tracking if a file has been modified outside the editor.

The second option would be much better as there could still be local processing done on the remote server like looking for file changes, caching, etc with the editor being on the workstation (i.e the GUI) would be just the editor. You could do some remote port forwarding with SSH to make this happen which could be automatically done by Atom or done as part of your daily workflow (i.e connect up to your dev server via ssh and portforward)

Looking at Atom’s API right now I am not sure either could be accomplished with the API that is available and with Atom being closed source, it would be difficult to add without some help from Github.


IMHO, the TextMate approach is both simple and elegant, I’d love to have a similar solution for Atom:


I’m highly disagree with the convenience of this solution (in the same way I don’t like sshfs one too)

Would prefer a more native/well integrated without need to install nothing but atom and a ssh server


I don’t know if this is atom-version-related or just my setup or what, but working on an sshfs/osxfuse-mounted directory from a remote machine works perfectly for me.

I’m on atom verison 0.84.

I mount remotes using sshfs and osxfuse installed via homebrew.

The command I use to mount remotes is something like:

/usr/local/bin/sshfs user@host:/remote-dir-path "local-dir-name" -o volname="local-volume-name" -o noappledouble

I’m able to open the mounted directory in atom as though it were a native directory. Open and save files just like I do in any other editor.


@Garito You’re asking for a SFTP browser extension. If this serves your workflow, sure, why not.

However, I wouldn’t use it since you can get this behaviour with any SFTP client capable of opening an editor on doubleclick.

What I’m looking for is a way to open a remote editor without breaking the flow. In other words, the remote editor should be launched from the remote shell.

There’s another feature request for such an “rsub/rmate” like approach, if you’d like to see it, too, go and like it:


What would be really great to have is this plus a little bit more: an execution layer for all scripts to run via ssh.

The scenario is doing development using Vagrant. Ruby Mine has Vagrant support which does this: it can read a Vagrant config file and will then use a remote ruby interpreter for running tests and doing builds.


I like the style of rmate command used by textmate and sublime text. It is more convenient than tramp of emacs.


Has anyone used sftp plugin for sublime text? Doing something similar in Atom isn’t that hard. I would ideally make it part of tree-view but that would require some changes to its structure.