Working with Multiple Websites


Hi, I’m a newbie, so I’m sorry if this is a crazy set of questions. I want to use Atom as the editor for multiple websites, opening multiple css files or functions.php files so that I am able to copy/compare one to the other. Do I download the files with FileZilla and then open them from a local directory so they will have the directory name to differentiate them (and create separate projects)? Or is there an easier way? I set Atom as the default editor in Windows 10 and set it as the default editor in FileZilla. But if someone could help me with the concept of working with two sites in Atom, I would appreciate it. FYI (although I realize this is not the Package discussion area), I also tried the remote ftp package and it works to connect Atom to one site, but it appears I have to edit the configuration file to connect to the other site and then the files have the same names, which is too confusing for me. Thanks!


Atom is mostly designed around working with “projects” that equate to “everything under directory X”. You could use FileZilla or some other utility to get the files down to your local machine. Once that is done, you can decide whether you want to open two Atom windows, one for each "project’, or one, with both “projects” as what Atom calls “project roots” in one Atom window.

My typical workflow is that I have only one project per window. So I would navigate to the root directory of project X in the terminal and then type atom .. Then I would open another terminal tab, navigate to the root directory of project Y and then type atom ..

Does that help?


Hi leedohm, Okay. I understand now. I was trying to set up atom to interface via sftp directly, which it will do but just not in a way that works for me. So, I will do as you suggest with your typical workflow. Thanks so much!


In a totally obvious note, but perhaps useful for people like you working on files over FTP, or like me used to have Webpack to rebuild the project on save and update it on localhost:
don’t forget to re-upload your changed files to test your live site!

Too often I was puzzled not to see my changes, until I think of moving my files over FTP… :smile:


Hi PhiLho, :relieved: Thanks for your note; what is obvious to you may not be so obvious to me. I have gotten caught by the ‘forgetting to reload’! So thank you for the reminder! I appreciate your time.