Working with .md files


I’m a .md neophyte and decided to checkout Atom as a .md editor.
I don’t see any text-formatting icons (as I do in this forum message-editor panel) in the general editor.
Short of that, is there a simple text-editing reference I can use to create my .md file?
… or must I rely on memory?

P.S. It would be great if I can highlight a word using key cmd-B for BOLD.


Well, it’s not a Markdown editor per se, so no WYSIWYG stuff allowed.

Also, syntax highlighting is governed by the grammar, not sure whether it’s particularly easy or possible for a package, to interfere with that via key binding?


I don’t understand that comment. I believe bold is achieved via double asterisks: **foo**. Why can’t cmd-b surround the selection with ** on the left and right?

This editor I’m using to type this comment does this when I hit ctrl-b (which drives me bonkers because most other Emacs-inspired bindings work fine and I use ctrl-b a lot).


Oh yea that’s no problem, if that’s all that is needed.
I thought we’re talking actually changing the CSS style of the editor text, which is probably possible somehow, just not that easily, I’d imagine.


There is a package called “Markdown Preview”, that might help. You still have to understand the syntax, though :frowning:


I apologize for my tone.


Not at all. You’re probably right, too. Maybe that’s all the man was looking for.