Working with JSON in Atom


I have tried several packages thus far. I have an extremely large JSON file generated from exporting a Firebase database. I need to delete large swaths of data in it and then import it to the production DB.

This would be fairly straightforward if this file wasn’t sever MB containing a huge amount of diverse data. I have been unable to find a working package that can create a GUI to display the JSON in a nested fashion.

Is there a package out there that I can’t find? Surely there must be a way to do this.


Have you tried pretty-json? It works for me.


Just install pretty-json. I think you misunderstood my question. I mean something that does what the HTML editor does.

Like this…

…Except with JSON.


You are looking for code-folding. Have you tried json-explorer? It does not provide standard folding, but it seems usable for your purpose and even has some nice features.


Just a heads-up, Atom turns off code-folding and syntax highlighting on files that are too big, which may also be part of the problem: