Workflow for Packaging, Building, Releasing and then installing / auto updating


Hi, i’m pretty new to electron so just getting the hang of the process, but as there’s quite a few steps i wanted to check that i’m not missing anything? or if there’s faster / better ways than I’ve got here?

So as far as i see the flow is:

  1. write code, test, repeat
  2. package for specific platforms with electron-packager, e.g. windows: electron-packager . my-app --platform=win32 --arch=x64 --overwrite
  3. build installer with electron-builder, e.g. windows again: electron-builder my-app-win32-x64 --platform=win --config=config.json --out=dist/windows
  4. create a new release on github and upload the file
  5. users install the app from a link to the file on github.
  6. auto updates handled by electron-gh-releases

Currently i’ve tested building a simple app, packaging it, building it, and then uploading the release and then installing it which works.
But I’ve not got the auto updates working yet. Do i need any other steps in the above?
I can paste some code here too but the app i’m testing is the Quick Start and then the auto updater i’ve just used the code from here and changed it to point to my github project page.