Workaround for Chrome 41 click-drag bug in VirtualBox?


I hope to roll out Atom to my CS students when school starts in mid-August, but we use a VirtualBox environment.

Currently, because of the bug tracked (amongst other places) in Issue #6877, Atom is unusable.

Could a betting person could plan that the issue would be resolved by then? There hasn’t been any activity for almost a month.


I’m not a betting man, which is probably why I wouldn’t put my money on it.
The issue indicates that testing for Chrome 42 hasn’t been completed yet, on none of the OSs.


I was hoping, in lieu of the thing being fixed, that there might be a workaround. There was a launch-time config fix for the problem when it first emerged in Chrome, but I’m not familiar enough with the way Atom integrates to know if such is possible there, too.


This was the exact same issue with Visual Studio Code when it was launched but it’s now fixed in v. 0.5.0. You can’t scroll x or y and you can’t drag and select text. As usual i end up back on tried and true Brackets.


Hey! If im correct there is an issue with selecting text. I had the same issue with same Ubuntu distro.

Mouse integration worked for me:

  • Bottom VirtualBox menu / Input / Mouse integration

To turn off:

  • RIGHT CTRL, now the mouse is moveing freely. You can ALT + TAB in your host enviroment (WIN) or turn OFF the mouse integration from VirtualBox menu at the bottom of the screen.

Please give some feedback if this was helpful :slight_smile: