Worflow and Key bindings


Hi Guys !

I’m new with atom and I wanted to know if it was possible to switch without the mouse between my left tab and my right tab ? (like cmd - alt - right on the shell)

Thank you for your answers


Cmd+Alt+Left and Cmd+Alt+Right work for me to iterate to the left and right through the tabs.


Yeah but It’s not exactly what I am asking…
I wanted to know how to switch between my left and my right tab if my view is splitted.

-> For instance :

My atom screen :
| main.c | ft_lol.c | test.txt ||| ft.h | bug.txt |

I’ve got 3 files on my left and 2 on my right.
How can I switch without my mouse between main.c and ft.h ?


To move to the right pane use cmd-k cmd-right.
To the left pane cmd-k cmd-left.
Or go to ‘next’ or ‘previous’ with cmd-k cmd-n and cmd-k cmd-p


Thank you ! Is there a way to change those keybindings ?


Actually how can we remove the native keybindings ? I want to remove cmd-alt-left and cmd-alt-right for replacing it and doesn’t have any conflict.


You can find out more about customizing keybindings by visiting the Using Atom: Basic Customization or Behind Atom: Keymaps In-Depth sections in the Flight Manual.