Wordpress Auto Complete How to Install


I am new to atom as I migrated from sublime. some time I find atom tough, but may be because I am new.

can some one Please guuide me steb by step how should I install this =

Should I download it somwhere? and then save in atom folder or how?


You can install packages from within Atom by navigating to File -> Settings and clicking on the Install tab.


Wow it was so easy!


Yes, it was that easy!
The method @DamnedScholar proposed is the easiest one. Alternatively, if you are working on a Linux or OS X machine, you can use the command line and simply run:

apm install <package-name>

In your case, it would be:

apm install autocomplete-wordpress-hooks

Happy installing!


You can use the command line on a Windows machine too :slight_smile:


Ah, my bad! That’s good to know!