Word Count doesn't show anywhere in the status bar


Hi guys,

probably a very silly question but I can’t figure out how to use the word count package.
I’ve installed Problematic/atom-word-count but the word count is nowhere to be seen. Also I can’t fine the package from the Packages Menu, and the READ ME file of the package is completely useless.

What am I doing wrong? Any idea?



That isn’t a good thing. Do an apm list from the command line and see if it shows up there.


It shows up in the package list as “Word Count”:

It also appears to not be working. This is perhaps not surprising since it hasn’t been updated since March 5th.


I used to use that package, but for some reason it was causing some major performance issues so I ended up removing it a few months ago.

I installed word-count a while back, which doesn’t display the count in the status bar but instead gives you a command and keyboard shortcut to check it. Unless a very recent update broke it, it should still work.

There are plenty of other word count packages to choose from, though.