Won't work with GitHub, im confused


So I wanted to make a repository on GitHub and I have it linked up, but I edited some code and it won’t update the code on GitHub. Watched some videos and it showed it updated and would allow them to change it on GitHub for them, why won’t it work for me? (I’m on Windows 10)


This doesn’t happen automatically. You have to commit the changes and then push them, which can be done through the Git tab created by the github package (Packages -> GitHub -> Toggle Git Tab) and the status bar item owned by that package that counts the number of files currently being tracked.


I’m on that sidebar and I can see all my different files but the only thing I can do is click the “Amend” button, that doesn’t change anything on GitHub.


If things aren’t going smoothly, I strongly recommend doing all the version control from the command line at first. It’s not that I think yours is broken, just that it’s a good thing to know.

Sure, it’s a steeper learning curve. But it will help far more in the long term.


What’s all version control, and how do I activate it?