Won't install for me on Windows 8.1

Won’t install for me on windows 8.1. Tried running as admin also.

Can you give any more information? Did the installer not even run? Where did you get the installer from? Did the files get copied but the application won’t launch?

Kind of hard to help without having an understanding of what went wrong.

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Same here. Saw the announcement that 1.0 was out so rushed over to Atom.io and grabbed the installer.
The download finished and it appears to be intact, no issues with the network connection so I am assuming it’s good.
I tried the installer and all that happens was a brief flash of activity and then it closes itself down. No orphaned processes or anything left behind, no tasks running silently in the background, just a painless and quick exit by the installer.

Finally figured out there was a problem, possibly due to a previous install.
I had an early release, maybe 0.205 or close to that, and I thought it best to remove that first via Windows control panel. Apparently though the settings in both AppData\Roaming and AppData\Local as well as my %Username%.atom remained and only after cleaning those folders out was the new installer prepared to continue.

Considering the stable nature of the actual editor, having a glitch like that in the installer may be off-putting to a few users.

Having now installed it, I am actually glad I have. It appears ‘snappier’ than I remembered, so that’s always a bonus.

Might finally be on my way to ditching SublimeText.


Same problem with me, as I’ve been using it since like 0.155 or something… First I was thinking something was up with my PC! Thanks for the fix :smile:

GrantSP’s solution worked. Thanks!

I can’t find previous atom install and still can not install it:

By clicking “Open Setup Log” nothing happens

I have worked but only the installer even atom I have no application to open so I can open it only once

I Installed Atom Software . it’s run good . when i restart my laptop once again i want to install Atom Software . Any Body solve this Issue … iam using windows 8.1 version

When Atom is open, right-click on the icon and select Pin to Taskbar. Then it won’t disappear when Atom is closed.