With IDE electron code


I am a beginner in HTML and CSS and managed to do some cool things with the electron but I am having doubts in a code. I need to create a code that depending on a condition the generated DESKTOP window has different sizes … a pseudo-code:

If (condition 1) {
Window with maximized dimension

If (condition 2) {
Window with fullscreen dimension

My question is just how do I access the properties (in the API called options) of the BrowserWindow function that was already instantiated …

Thank you for your help…


I’m surprised no one responded to you… It’s a bit late but it’s really simple!

var size = BrowserWindow.getSize()
console.log(`Width: ${size[0]}, Height: ${size[1]}`

To set the size properties…

} else {

See docs


Assuming this is only for adjusting layouts based on the window dimensions, you could also just use CSS media queries to adjust the content based on the window dimensions.