With Facebook Announcing Its Retirement of the Open Source Nuclide, What Will Happen?

I just caught the news that the Nuclide and Atom-IDE packages are being retired by Facebook. What does this mean for the countless users who have adopted the IDE workflow in Atom? Also, what does this mean for all the packages that depend on it? I would hope that Github would fork the repo and take it over somehow, but thats being fairly optimistic I suppose. I know that it still works, but how many new versions of Atom will it survive before it stops working? I used Atom long before the Atom-IDE-UI packages, but I was always hoping it would have those features, now I’m worried they will be lost. I noticed that work on the IDE language packages has almost halted as well, which seems like bad news. Can any GH employees comment on what we can expect from all this?

This is also a bit hair-brained, but I caught a reddit feed where a user made the remark that with the Microsoft acquisition of GH, that they effectively own both VS Code and Atom. I’m not a person who knows too much about the legal aspects of one company being bought by another company, but should users of Atom worry about this? Will MS keep Atom alive?

Nope. GH will not integrate the Atom IDE sources into the Atom Core, or otherwise take over responsibility for this in the near term. They refer back to the community: Impact of Nuclide extension being removed?

Will MS keep Atom alive?

Yes: The Microsoft intervention