Windows users: easily redirect Notepad to Atom with this package


Hello everyone.

I made a stab at creating my first package, and it is meant to help you easily redirect Notepad to Atom. Basically any time notepad.exe is about to open, Windows redirects the request to Atom instead. It is useful because you don’t have to change file associations on all of the text files, and even right-clicking bat files and selecting Edit works. This approach is used for many Notepad replacements, and I used this method for Sublime Text as well.

Anyway, install this package:

Then use the menu: Packages » Replace Notepad » Replace Notepad.

It is that simple!

I have only tested on Win 10, so let me know if it works on XP/7. It will only work on 64-bit since I only compiled the stub executable for 64-bit. I can make it work with 32-bit if enough people want it.

Let me know what you think!


Works on Windows 7


Didn’t work (yet) for me, though I suspect my lack of understanding how Atom works is part of the problem. FWIW, here are my steps to repro / environment:


  • Windows 8.1 Pro N 64bit, fully up to date
  • Just freshly ran the Windows installer for Atom 1.3.2
  • Just before this removed “Notepad Replacer” from my system (which doesn’t work well with Atom / was the reason I wanted to try this Atom package)


  1. Open Atom
  2. CTRL+, to open settings
  3. Click “+ Install”
  4. Search for “replace-notepad
  5. Install the package (0.2.1)
  6. Close Atom
  7. Double click a .txt file in Windows Explorer

Result: plain ole Notepad opens the file.
Expected: the file to open in Atom.

Note: same problem if I choose “Edit” from the context menu in step 7.
Note: if I choose “Edit with Atom” in step 7 it works as expected.


After step 5, when you’ve installed the package, you need to use the context menu to perform the replacement. Go to Packages » Replace Notepad » Replace Notepad.

You can have the package installed but Notepad still not replaced. I couldn’t figure out how to perform a “post-install” action.


You can put the code in the activate function. This will run on install if the package is installed through the Settings View or on first launch if installed from the command line. You probably want to check to see if Notepad has already been replaced first.

There is no good solution for uninstall though.