[Windows] Update 1.11.1 have broken UNC paths?


Hi there !

Atom version 1.11.1 was released recently.
After doing the update, a few of the packages I’m using seems to be broken (linter-php and Remote-FTP not to name them).

linter-php keeps raising this error about UNC paths not being supported.

Remote-FTP fails when calling atom.project.contains(local), local being the local path for the file to upload.

Considering those two (stable) packages broke after the same core update, on a similar problem, I start thinking that atom core is not supporting UNC paths anymore… :cry:

Precisions : I’m working on a network drive. I’ve been working on this drive with atom for moths with no issue. The network drive is mapped to a system one and atom’s project directory has been opened from the mapped drive.

Is anyone experiencing something similar ? :hushed:


It’s possible that this is due to a bug in Node and broke when we updated to a newer version of Electron (which I believe we did in v1.11). Can you try a UNC path that doesn’t have a space in the name and see if the problem still reproduces?


You’re right, whith no space in the path, there’s no problem !