Windows Taskbar


I just started using Atom last night - must say :heart_eyes: so far! BUT…this is a wee bit inconvenient, not to mention it’s messing with my OCD. :smiley: I can drag the window over when it comes time to work but it’d be great if it were anchored to the shortcut like the rest of my programs.


Is this Windows 10? And, if so, does Atom (or any other program) actually have control over where the tab shows up in the system bar? (BTW, this is a sincere question … it’s been a few years since I’ve worked on Windows and last I checked, applications didn’t have any control over that.)


Windows 7 Home Premium. All my other programs open at their icon position. I’m not sure if it’s Windows doing it (and not liking Atom for some reason) or if there’s something to be done in Atom - figured I’d leave that up to the folks smarter than me.


I’m using Windows 7 Enterprise and it works for me. I launched Atom normally, then right clicked its entry in the taskbar and selected Pin this program to taskbar. It worked fine for me after that.

If I had to bet, you probably pinned a different executable to the taskbar. Did you link to a script or something that works around Atom’s terrible update system to correctly launch the proper version? That might be why you are seeing two entries.


In the old days before the new package update scheme every new version of atom would link to a new startup icon. So on every upgrade I would delete the old one and pin the new one,


Heyyyyyyyyyy how about that - found the exe in AppData->Local opened it, pinned, and it stuck. Thanks so much! :smiley:

ETA: I think I dragged the shortcut to the taskbar at first, in case anyone tries the same.


Yes, if you try to drag the shortcut to the taskbar, then you’ll have problems. Start it first, then pin it.