Windows service & webRTC


Hi everyone,
I am using electron as one peer in webRTC and using the electron desktopCapturer to get the screen for my webRTC. The other peer is a media server which just saves the stream.
One of my requirements is to run electron as a windows service, I have accomplished it by using this open source (which wraps the electron exe):

Now everything was working fine until the last step of running as a windows service. Now when i use the desktopCapturer.getSources API I get back an empty array of sources. I have tried to configure the window service both as Local System and as my own user (who is logged in).

Do you have any suggestion how to resolve this issue? Is it a limitation?

Was tested on Win7 and electron 1.7.1

Thanks ahead!


Update: I have tested the same scenario but instead of capturing the screen I captured the camera, and it was successful (when running as Local System).
Does anyone have any idea why when running as windows service I can’t get the screen stream with desktopCapturer?