Windows prebuilt binaries explained?



I was trying to find an answer everywhere, but without any luck. I would like to use the Windows prebuilt version of electron but on the Github download page are several version and there is no README or legend that would explain the packages:

Which can I use on Win 32 / 64 systems?


The usual development workflow consists of installing the prebuilt version
of Electron via npm install electron, you shouldn’t need to download any
of the zips (except symbols which you’d use to make sense of crash dumps)
from Github yourself unless you plan to redistribute them for some reason.
There are a couple of tools that take care of packaging Electron apps for
distribution, check out


Ok, thanks!


I’m trying to follow that guide and I am very confused. I install electron using npm install electron, then I get the node_modules folder. I go into it and can see the electron folder, but there isn’t any resources folder to place the app in. Am I supposed to create that structure, if so where?


That guide is about what to do when you’ve downloaded the prebuilt binaries from GitHub. If you installed Electron through NPM, it’s easiest to use it in the fashion described on the documentation for the electron package.