Windows OS shutdown can lose unsaved work


Trying out Atom for the first time yesterday. I was using it to take notes and needed to reboot the OS (yay Windows). I forgot to save my document and I assumed that like other applications the OS would stop the reboot because there was unsaved work. This did not happen and I lost my notes. Nothing horrid but I felt it was a hole other users might fall down as we know that Windows is reboot happy after updates.

Enjoying my first looks at Atom. Keep up the great work!


I don’t know if there is a way to stop Windows from rebooting from inside Atom. But you can enable Autosave and at least minimize the damage.

It’s disabled by default, but you can enable it in the settings:


Cool thanks for the tip. This was a new and unsaved file that I lost. Not sure if AutoSave would have helped there.

I believe that Sublime Text will cache unsaved files somewhere and re-materialize them when the app is restarted. Not sure if that is on the map for Atom. It seems that new files could be saved to a cache in AppData. Tricky to get the re-launch experience right if the application is changing projects or folder context. Again I am new to Atom so I don’t fully understand all the usage contexts which would come into play for a feature like this.


That feature has been requested. I’m on my way out the door or I’d find the Issue and link it.


I’m sure there are a few more by now, but:

This is the older issue #942 which specifically asks for even unsaved buffers / tabs to be saved, ready for the restart.

But more importantly there is issue #1516, which looks at preserving the state of your editor in general, which is probably what everyone wants.

Until then, there is also the remember-session package, which however only works if you close your window normally. It doesn’t cache anything on a constant basis.