[Windows Only] How to change default audio output device for SpeechSynthesis speak?

Hi so for my electron app when I go into App volume and devices preferences on windows.
I want to make sure that all the audio that it’s outputing goes to a specific audio device.
In my case its a virtual audio input.
so all my other apps are default and only electron app (real time translator) is overriding the default.

From my experience, the voice synthesis still gets outputted to the default one which messes with my translator because it echoes back and forth.

I do manage to get it to the output device that i manually set by manually changing it everytime I start the app in dev mode.

I’m just wondering if there’s anything in the code itself that can output my audio (whether the entire application or specifically SpeechSynthesis) to a specific audiooutput device.

The device I want to output to can be found in navigator.MediaDevices.enumerateDevices()
I saw this example where they do manage to set the output of an element to a specific audiooutput but I’m not sure how I can use that for Web SpeechSynthesis

This is my windows App volume device preferences screenshot of me manually setting the electron app’s audio output.