Windows Explorer file associations for Atom


I’ve been using Atom for a month or two now. The only big think I lack compared to my previous editor is nice to use file associations when opening files from Windows Explorer, and I’m not the only one - see Atom Issue #4893.

Yesterday I got fed up and wrote a little launcher which leverages the atom.cmd script to launch Atom from Windows Explorer, but without the nasty console flash and icon that you get if you just point at the script. It seems stable enough to me, so people are welcome to try it:

AtomLauncher -

I’ve built and tested it on Windows 7 only at the moment. It’s using .NET 2.0, so there shouldn’t be any external dependencies.

This is just a first version, but feedback is gratefully accepted. I tried to list the improvements I’m thinking about in the README.

An Atom launcher for Windows, to use with file associations

I also worked out that if you add an AtomLauncher key to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Applications\ then AtomLauncher will appear in the “Other Programs” category of the “Open with…” dialog for every file type. Documentation on that coming later…!


Thanks so much for this!


You’re welcome. I’ll hopefully get a bit of time this week to continue
with this, let me know if you find anything that needs sorted out.


Awesome! I will test it right now.

Have you contacted the Atom devs to fix the bug report using your launcher?


No, not yet. I was hoping to test it/have it tested on a few more systems before I did.

But maybe @mnquintana could post this in the the open issue as another possible workaround for people to try…


How and where do I install this launcher app?


I’ve created a bug report for this, since I’m using it for months now without any issues : )


I had been trying to add the registry entries required to add the launcher to the “Open With” menu with an installer/command line setting, but I didn’t manage to get it right yet. I’ve been meaning to go and have a look at how Notepad++ does it (as people seem to point to this as a good way).

In the mean time I’ll try to write a simple readme, then put together an installer. Unless you want to write one and PR it @jhasse


New README is great :slight_smile: As for the installer maybe wait for Atom devs to figure something out? I really think this should be part of Atom :wink:


Thank you for this one!

Works well on Windows 10 too :smile: