Windows development not seeing changes in code



I finally got a working Atom development environment set up (I think). So, I bravely created a \atom\github subdirectory and I did the following:

  • apm develop text-buffer
  • apm install
  • apm link --dev
  • added a console.log statement in TextBuffer constructor in and another in subscribeToFile. I also commented out the @destroy() in subscribeToFile.
  • atom --dev

Unfortunately, it seems like my changes are having no effect in atom–I don’t see my console messages and the buffer still closes when file on disk disappears. It seems like it is using the original text_buffer code instead of the code I’ve edited, or my edits are otherwise not making it to the compiled code that is being executed.

I tried manually compiling and re-launching ‘atom --dev’, but with no better results. I verified the link (junction) is in \users\jolsen.atom\dev\packages and points to \atom\github\text-buffer. I’ve also verified I’m running atom in dev mode with the red square icon in the status bar.

I’ve searched the forums and read what I could google regarding atom development (such as but I’m not sure what step or steps I’m missing for properly testing changes that I am making in the code.

What am I overlooking?



Some repositories under are Atom packages and some are Node modules that Atom uses. The text-buffer repository is a Node module, which requires a slightly different development flow documented here: