Windows Builds for Atom


I build nightly versions of Atom on Windows and post them to my Blog. A lot of people from the Atom IRC and Twitter are currently using them.

Grab them here

Creating a installer for windows

Thanks for sharing. Do you know if Visual Studio will always be a requirement for installing packages?


Thanks, currently setting up an environment to try get atom built at work. If the firewall blocks the git clone, which I suspect it will, I will give your package a go.


I don’t know. I don’t even know WHY Visual Studio is required for building packages, as far as I knew, packages were just HTML/CSS/JS files, which go into the resources folder. But for whatever reason, APM has a config.js which complains if you haven’t got VS installed, which is normally used when building Atom for the first time.

If a developer could explain why it’s actually required for packages, that’d be great.


Its for building node modules in C++. altho its a big disadvantage, I dont want 5GB of tools for a simple 200MB editor.


Bumping. I’ve moved everything to so now I have a nice site for the builds instead of a blog with links.


Bump. No replies must mean my builds work really great :slight_smile:


Yes, your builds are great, I use them since quite a while.

Unfortunately I have no admin privileges on my computer at work so I am not able to install all that Visual Studio stuff. Atom runs quite fine, but I am not able to install packages.

Anyway, please keep up your excellent work!


Apologies there, one fix would be to install packages from your home PC, and copy the files over.


Official Windows Build


Users on Windows can also use the download button on the front page of to get the zipped builds. There’s no auto-updater on Windows though so Chocolatey might be your best bet if you can swing it.