Windows autorun commands break package manager


I have configured my Command Prompt to run a batch file immediately after opening, which causes none of the packages to be listed within Atom. Waiting on the package tab causes the message “Loading packages…” to be displayed indefinitely.


I also receive an error when searching for new packages to install. I would post the actual content of the error, but it is obnoxiously long.


Here are the commands that automatically run when Command Prompt opens.

@echo off

:: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::
:: INITALIZE PREFERENCES                                                                                              ::
:: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::


:: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::
:: COMMAND ALIASES                                                                                                    ::
:: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::

doskey explore = explorer .
doskey edit = notepad $*

doskey restart = shutdown /r /t 0
doskey shutdown = shutdown /s /t 0
doskey logoff = shutdown /l

doskey initbat = notepad %USERPROFILE%/.cmd/init.bat

I am not sure what these commands have to do with Atom’s problem, but after clearing the batch file, Atom worked flawlessly.


Can you run the apm tool from the command line?


Yes, the apm tool works perfectly fine from the command line.


That’s interesting. Because if it was something about the state of the environment after the commands finished executing, I would expect it to fail in the same way.


I removed the echo off line, as I figured atom and my init file were working at the same time to cause issues, but it appears that atom does not even execute until the initialization is done.

Unexpected token C: 


Info: PowerShell/Cmd processes running with elevated permissions will not be modified.

C:\Users\Sean\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.3.2>cd C:\Users\Sean 

C:\Users\Sean>doskey explore = explorer . 

C:\Users\Sean>doskey edit = notepad $* 

C:\Users\Sean>doskey restart = shutdown /r /t 0 

C:\Users\Sean>doskey shutdown = shutdown /s /t 0 

C:\Users\Sean>doskey logoff = shutdown /l 

C:\Users\Sean>doskey initbat = notepad C:\Users\Sean/.cmd/init.bat 

[{"name":"hide-tree","main":"./lib/hide-tree","version":"0.0.18","description":"Hide Tree","repository":"","license":"MIT","engines":{"atom":">=0.174.0 <2.0.0"},"dependencies":{"atom-utils":">=0.6.3","atom-space-pen-views":"^2.0.3"},"keywords":["hi !!!CONTINUES!!!


I created a temporary fix by creating a new shortcut that points to my initialization file, rather than calling the commands in every instance of cmd.exe