Windows - An easy way to emulate alias for launching atom in directory


Hello, I have made a very tiny project named wel that can be useful for Windows users needing to easily launch atom in a given directory or with a wanted file.


Interesting - however worth noting is that PowerShell has aliases which you can use.

PowerShell is available on all recent versions of Windows.

Also, without doing anything I am able to open atom in a specified folder from the command line by just typing atom.

If it helps, I am using Windows 8.1, Atom 0.184.0.


Yes. I wonder who might like such a package and what is their workflow. It’s always instructive to learn other people’s workflows.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got PowerShell running inside ConEmu, and then I change to the directory I want and then I do atom . (not sure if the trailing period is still needed, I type it out of habit). I often need the command line anyway, so this is not really extra effort for me.

Hm. Actually, I do something similar to this package, only in a completely different way :smile: – I have a “profile” set up in ConEmu that will open ConEmu with some predefined tabs located in predefined directories. That’s my way of getting at the right directory quickly. So the ConEmu tabs are my alternative to his config file listing directories.


I do not know PowerShell. Is is installed by default ? Is it easy to define aliases ?


PowerShell aliases don’t do what you want, but you can get what you want using functions. If you add the following to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Profile.ps1 then you can type the foo command and it will behave the same as cd C:\Temp.

function foo {
    cd C:\Temp

Given that you know Batch scripting, it should be obvious what you can do with this.


Thanks for this tip.