Windows 10 - Atom quit working


I have had Atom working on my PC for quite sometime now. Today I decide to change themes (can’t remember which one I changed it to) and got some error messages on the right hand side of the screen so I decided to restart Atom.

I am including the image of what happens now when I start Atom. I can’t use it.
I have tried:

  1. Reinstalling
  2. Rebooting
  3. Uninstaling Atom and reinstalling - rebooting.
  4. Starting in safe mode --safe


Try this:

  1. Exit out of all instances of Atom
  2. Move or delete the %USERPROFILE%\.atom\storage directory
  3. Launch Atom again


I tried that. I also did a search through my whole C: drive for .atom to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Tried it twice, same results


I deleted everything under the .atom directory except for the packages folder. Then reinstalled the latest version 1.6.0.

All is good