Windows 10 Add Selection Keyboard Shortcuts (Ctrl+Alt+Arrows) Not Working


Sorry if this has already been covered, I couldn’t find anything with a quick search.

Essentially, the default key bindings for Add Selection Above/Below are Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow and Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow (or Alt+Ctrl+Up Arrow and Alt+Ctrl+Down Arrow as the application incorrectly suggests :wink: ), and they aren’t working.

I used the Ctrl+. shortcut to see the key binding resolver and it is only seeing Ctrl+Alt and not the arrow it would appear.

Having looked at this page it suggests that windows magnifier uses these key bindings for panning.

But I don’t have that loaded and I’m not sure what else might be stopping it from arriving with Atom.

Any feedback anyone has greatly appreciated. Thanks.


This is an indication that something is intercepting that key combination before Atom can “see” it. If it isn’t the Windows Magnifier, then it is something else. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good way to determine what is keeping Atom from seeing this key combination :frowning2:


Thanks. Yes, that’s what I suspected.

I kept digging and apparently I’m using an Intel graphics adapter in this laptop.

I hit Ctrl+Alt+F12 which opened the panel for it – this indicated that hot-keys were enabled for my Intel HD Graphics Control Panel.

After going into Options and Support, I selected Disable under Manage Hot Keys and applied the configuration.

Since then, it’s all working perfectly :grin:

Now I just don’t have hotkey access to my graphics adapter! Honestly, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem and quite frankly, I think that should be disabled by default.

Anyway, thanks again.