Window title bar (not the atom menu) missing [SOLVED]



I am under cinnamon using archlinux, and I am unable to get the system window title bar, here is a screenshot:

So, my question is: how can I get the window title bar back ?

Here is my config.cson and my styles.less

Thank you very much for any response :slightly_smiling:

PS: atom: version 1.4.0-beta3


Do you have the option on to hide it? If so then holding down the alt key will show it.


It sounds like you’re running into the same thing someone else on the Atom Slack did. Have you tried pressing F11? (From what I understand this is the “toggle full screen mode” key on some versions of Linux.)


Thank you very much, that was it :smile:

Pressing F11 fixed it :slightly_smiling:


Very helpful! Thanks!!!